GSB Vol. 14, NO. 5, Pg. 36. Grantee Receives James M. Collier Award.

Author:Len Horton

Georgia Bar Journal

Volume 14.

GSB Vol. 14, NO. 5, Pg. 36.

Grantee Receives James M. Collier Award

GSB JounralVol. 14, NO. 5February 2009Grantee Receives James M. Collier AwardLen HortonGeorgia Bar Foundation President J. Joseph Brannen presented the 6th annual James M. Collier award to Steven Gottlieb, executive director of Atlanta Legal Aid, Jan. 10, at the Midyear Meeting of the State Bar of Georgia. This was the first time the leader of a grantee organization had received the award.

The award recognizes an individual who has done extraordinary work to assist the Georgia Bar Foundation in accomplishing its mission. It is named for James M. Collier, a Dawson lawyer who found extraordinary ways to expand the Georgia Bar Foundation's ability to assist law-related organizations helping needful people throughout the state.

According to Brannen, "Many people know that Atlanta Legal Aid under the leadership of Steve Gottlieb is a major recipient of IOLTA grant funds. What those same people do not realize is that Steve has been more than a good manager in using those grants. He and his network of legal experts have become a special resource to the Georgia Bar Foundation."

Brannen continued, "Whenever the Georgia Bar Foundation faced challenges to IOLTA, Steve has been there to assist us. For example, after the early U.S. Supreme Court IOLTA decision regarding the Washington Legal Foundation's attempt to kill IOLTA, our executive director told Steve that we needed a way to combat a growing demand to shut down IOLTA until the national litigation was...

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