GSB Vol. 14, NO. 1, Pg. 42. Bramlett's 2008-09 Bar Program.

Author:Jeffrey O. Bramlett

Georgia Bar Journal

Volume 14.

GSB Vol. 14, NO. 1, Pg. 42.

Bramlett's 2008-09 Bar Program

GSB JournalVol. 14, NO. 1August 2008Bramlett's 2008-09 Bar ProgramJeffrey O. BramlettThe following is excerpted from Jeffrey O. Bramlett's presidential speech at the 2008 Annual Meeting in Amelia Island, Fla.

Maintaining Unity of the Bar and the Judicial Branch

One of the most important functions of the Bar is to stand up for fair and impartial courts and the role of the jury trial in American democracy. These are the cornerstones of our American justice system. They reflect our constitutional values.

Starting the Cornerstones of FreedomSM initiative several years ago is one of the most important decisions the Bar has made. The rule of law and the limits on governmental power inherent in our system of three coequal branches of government depend on the support of the public.

A continuation of Bar members' generous support of the voluntary Legislative and Public Education Fund will enable the Bar to maintain a strong institutional public education presence to defend the judicial branch from unwarranted attacks and to remind the public of our shared constitutional commitment to the rule of law.

An ongoing, consistent focus on Cornerstones of FreedomSM issues will help bring lawyers and the judicial branch of government together in support of constitutional values protected by fair and impartial courts. The same is true for our Law-Related Education and "Journey Through Justice" programs.

Georgia is home to the two-time National High School Mock Trial Competition championship team from Jonesboro High School. In the coming year, Atlanta will host the national competition-a unique public education opportunity for the Bar through our connection to that event.

Effective communication is the key to maintaining the unity of the Bar and the judicial branch. In addition to the Cornerstones of FreedomSM public education program, it is essential that we continue to improve our internal communications with Bar members.

It's a two-way street. Gerald Edenfield has made great strides in this area this past year, not only by keeping us informed but also by listening to all sides of an issue as part of an inclusive decision-making process, and I intend to continue and build on that approach.

Maintaining the independence of a robust judicial branch coequal...

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