GSB Vol. 14, NO. 1, Pg. 30. 2008 Annual Meeting Returns to Amelia Island.

Author:Jennifer R. Mason

Georgia Bar Journal

Volume 14.

GSB Vol. 14, NO. 1, Pg. 30.

2008 Annual Meeting Returns to Amelia Island

GSB JournalVol. 14, NO. 1August 20082008 Annual Meeting Returns to Amelia IslandJennifer R. MasonThe State Bar of Georgia returned to the Amelia Island Plantation Resort for its 44th Annual Meeting. Those who made the trip found that while many things have changed since the Bar last visited the island, the resort remains constant, providing members with a beautiful setting for business as well as giving all attendees the opportunity to enjoy some well-deserved time with families and friends.

An Evening of Cirque

As the breeze from the ocean countered the heat from earlier in the day, the area around the upper and lower pool decks of the Amelia Island Beach Club was transformed into a huge outdoor Cirque-themed party for Bar members and their families. The perimeter of the property was lined with inflatable games and craft booths that appealed to the young and young at heart. Dinner was buffet-style and the open-air dining atmosphere was an ideal setting for catching up with old friends. As the sun began to set, the air was filled with the sounds of the circus, and a parade of the Encore Creations Cirque performers wound its way through the crowd to the stage. The troupe's show, entitled "Teatro Storvandre," showcased amazing aerial acrobatic maneuvers blended with grace and symmetry. Five different performances highlighted particular and unique skills of the troupe members. From the response of the crowd, it was clear that this was an opening night event that exceeded expectations.

On With the Show

With the excitement of the opening night event setting the tone for the weekend, meeting attendees got down to the business at hand. CLE sessions, alumni and section events provided members with the opportunity to expand on their knowledge of the law while sharing breakfast or lunch with colleagues. Various evening receptions celebrated a variety of events, providing guests with a relaxed atmosphere in which they could catch up, network or just enjoy the company of old and new friends. The meeting also provided attendees with a much-needed social outlet through the annual YLD/LFG 5K Fun Run and the tennis and golf tournaments.

Board Meeting Highlights

Following the presentation of awards at the June 6 plenary session, the Board received a report on Emeritus Members by Robert McCormack, at which time the Board approved proposed changes to Rule 1-202 and Bylaws Article 1, Section 7. The Board then received reports on Memorials by Gerald M. Edenfield, the Investigative Panel by Chris Townley, the Review Panel by Anthony B. Askew, the Formal Advisory Opinion Board by Edward B. Krugman, the Supreme Court of Georgia by Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears, the Court of Appeals of Georgia by Chief Judge Anne E. Barnes, the State of the Law by Attorney General Thurbert Baker, the Georgia Senate by Sen. Michael Meyer von Bremen (chair of the Senate Special Judiciary Committee), and the Georgia House of Representatives by Rep. Wendell Willard (chair of the Judiciary Committee).

During the plenary session, President Gerald M. Edenfield delivered his outgoing remarks as required by the bylaws of the State Bar. A copy of those remarks can be found on page 38 of the Bar Journal.

Jeffrey O. Bramlett presided over the 220th Board of Governors meeting on Saturday, June 7.

Highlights of the meeting included:

*Joshua C. Bell provided a report on the activities of the YLD, including the High School Mock Trial Committee hosting the national tournament in Atlanta on May 8-9, 2009, and recognizing Jonesboro High School as this year's national champions; the Model Juvenile Code release; the work of the Leadership Academy; and the establishments of local YLD affiliate organizations around the state. He also recognized the hard work and dedication Elena Kaplan provided the YLD during her year as president.

*The Board, by unanimous voice vote, approved the following presidential appointments to the State Disciplinary Board:

Investigative Panel

District 3: William D. NeSmith (2009)

District 5: Hubert J. Bell Jr. (2011)

District 6: H. Emily George (2011)

District 7: Christopher A. Townley (2011)

Review Panel

Northern District: Lisa Strauss (2011)

Middle District: Gregory L. Fullerton (2011)

Southern District: Jeffrey S. Ward (2011)

Formal Advisory Opinion Board

At Large: James W. Friedwald (2010)

Georgia Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers...

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