GSB Vol. 13, NO. 6, Pg. 50. Thank You to Our Military Members.

Author:Gerald M. Edenfield

Georgia Bar Journal

Volume 13.

GSB Vol. 13, NO. 6, Pg. 50.

Thank You to Our Military Members

GSB JournalVol. 13, NO. 6April 2007Thank You to Our Military MembersGerald M. EdenfieldAs president of the State Bar, I have had the opportunity to observe the ways in which members of this organization contribute to their communities outside the realm of the legal profession. These individuals don't give of themselves for the recognition, but because they are motivated by self lessness and a desire to contribute to the world in which they live. Lawyers serve in many capacities and in many areas, but it is those who are a part of our nation's military that I would like to recognize.

I asked for the help from the Bar's membership in identifying Georgia lawyers who have served, or are currently serving, in this latest military conflict in the Middle East and Afghanistan. The response was staggering. More than 250 e-mails were received recognizing roughly twice that number of attorneys who have served in all theaters of war. These men and women have given up time with their families and in their practices to ensure that those of us at home are able to continue to enjoy the freedoms that we are blessed with. The impact of their service is seen globally and reflected in the...

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