GSB Vol. 13, NO. 1, Pg. 66. Young Lawyers Division Celebrates 60 Years.

Author:Deidra Sanderson

Georgia Bar Journal

Volume 13.

GSB Vol. 13, NO. 1, Pg. 66.

Young Lawyers Division Celebrates 60 Years

GSB JournalVol. 13, NO. 1August 2007Young Lawyers Division Celebrates 60 YearsDeidra SandersonThe Young Lawyers Division (YLD) and the Lawyers Foundation of Georgia (LFG) joined forces to present a black tie gala in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Young Lawyers Division, on June 15 at the Tournament Players Club (TPC) in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. The evening, "Celebrating 60 Years of Service," honored YLD presidents since the organization's establishment in 1947.

Traditionally, the LFG Fellows Dinner and the YLD Dinner take place separately during the State Bar of Georgia's Annual Meeting, but combining the events allowed for an unforgettable evening for the groups to become familiar, or to reconnect, with each other, providing a foundation to build upon in the future. State Bar Past President Linda Klein said, "It is fitting that the charity of choice for Georgia lawyers would join with the largest group of lawyer volunteers, the YLD, to celebrate their 60th anniversary."

Three hundred attendees arrived at the majestic new 77,000 square-foot Mediterranean revival-style clubhouse to the sound of bagpipes playing from the balcony. Many YLD past presidents were in attendance, as the evening was dedicated to celebrating the 60th anniversary by honoring the YLD's past presidents. "It was wonderful to celebrate the 60th birthday of the YLD with so many former presidents and friends present at such a magnificent place as TPC," Immediate Past President Jon Pope said.

Past presidents in attendance included: Charles J. Driebe, 1963-64; W. G. Elliott, 1964-65; Matthew H. Patton, 1970-71; Robert M. Brinson, 1973-74; James Elliott, 1976-7l; James A. Pannell, 1979-80; Richard T. de Mayo, 1982-83; William D. Barwick, 1984-85; John C. Sammon, 1987-88; Donna G. Barwick, 1988-89; Dana B. Miles, 1989-90; Stanley G. Brading Jr., 1990-91; Rachel K. Iverson, 1993-94; Tina Shadix Roddenbery, 1994-95; J. Henry Walker, 1996-97; Joseph W. Dent, 1999-00; Peter J. Daughtery, 2001-02; Derek J. White, 2002-03; Laurel Payne Landon, 2004-05; and Damon E. Elmore, 2005-06.

"I had too much fun!" Chuck Dreibe, 1963-64 president said. "As the oldest living young lawyer, it was great fun to see all the old codgers. The anniversary event was an...

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