GSB Vol. 13, NO. 1, Pg. 42. Business, Pleasure Mix at 2007 Annual Meeting.

Author:Jennifer R. Mason

Georgia Bar Journal

Volume 13.

GSB Vol. 13, NO. 1, Pg. 42.

Business, Pleasure Mix at 2007 Annual Meeting

GSB JournalVol. 13, NO. 1August 2007Business, Pleasure Mix at 2007 Annual MeetingJennifer R. MasonThe Sawgrass Marriott Resort and Spa in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., provided a beautiful setting for the State Bar of Georgia's 43rd Annual Meeting. While business was on the agenda, the luxurious spa, the sound of the waves at the Cabana Beach Club and the impeccable surface of the greens at TPC Sawgrass reminded attendees that hard work reaps its own rewards.

Opening Night Festival- Street Fair Style

While the location of the event was moved inside due to the threat of rain, the spirit of the authentic street festival prevailed at the opening of the 2007 Annual Meeting. Members along with their families and guests mingled as the sights and sounds of the festival, reminiscent of a night on the boardwalk, set the tone for the evening. The smells of cotton candy and popcorn competed with scents of more sophisticated street fare while music and laughter resonated throughout the venue. Children and adults alike waited for their turn to spar in the jousting ring and the demand for custom hologram I.D. tags never waned. At the make-your-own-CD booth, groups of people gathered to listen to the unique interpretations of some very well known songs as friends, families and strangers came together to create their very own musical memories.

Business Begins

Following the successful opening night event, attendees got down to the heart of the meeting with CLE sessions, section and alumni events. Breakfasts, lunches and receptions provided a social atmosphere in which members could reconnect with old friends and network while enhancing their knowledge of the law. Interspersed with business were opportunities to connect in a purely social atmosphere with the YLD/LFG 5K Fun Run, tennis tournament and the ever-popular golf tournament.

Board Meeting Highlights

Following the presentation of awards at the June 15 plenary session, the Board received reports on the Investigative Panel by Dennis C. Sanders, the Review Panel by Gregory L. Fullerton, the Formal Advisory Opinion Board by Edward B. Krugman, the Supreme Court of Georgia by Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears, the Court of Appeals of Georgia by Chief Judge Anne E. Barnes, the Georgia House of Representatives by Wendell Willard (chair of the Judiciary Committee), and Judicial Elections Spring Meeting in New Orleans by Edward Lindsay (vice chair of Judiciary Committee).

During the plenary session, President Jay Cook delivered his outgoing remarks as required by the bylaws of the State Bar. A copy of those remarks can be found on page 50 of this Journal.

Following a report by Kenneth L. Shigley on the Rule of Professional Conduct 1.15(I)(b) the following motion was approved by unanimous voice vote:


To refer to the Disciplinary the Rules and Procedures Committee the question of whether Rule of Professional Conduct 1.15(I)(b) should be amended, and to ask the Formal Advisory Opinion Board to further study proposed Formal Advisory Opinion request No. 05-R6, to more clearly define the specific interests of creditors of clients as to which an attorney may be required to provide notice, accounting or payment from a client's funds, such as (i) judgments, (ii) statutory or judgment liens, (iii) letters of protection, and (iv) consensual security agreement.

Gerald M. Edenfield presided over the 214th Board of Governors meeting on Saturday, June 16.

Highlights of the meeting included:

* Elena Kaplan provided a report on the...

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