A Grouse Hunter's Almanac.

Position:Book review

Mark Parman (author); A GROUSE HUNTER'S ALMANAC; The University of Wisconsin Press () $19.95 ISBN: 9780299249205

Aldo Leopold, a patriarch of the Land Ethic, noted in A Sand County Almanac, aThere are two kinds of hunting: ordinary hunting, and ruffed-grouse hunting.a Mark Parman, a lifelong hunter and resident of northern Wisconsin, picks up at the end of that sentence in A Grouse Hunteras Almanac: The Other Kind of Hunting. He gives us a glimpse of what it is like to hunt not to conquer nature, but to participate in it, as Leopold advocated. Far from the educational atmosphere of a primer, the book feels more like an intimate journey through grouse hunting season with the author, as he travels from the lush leaf cover of alder woods in the late summer through the snowy months of winter. Readers learn much along the way about the land where Parman hunts, the dogs that accompany him, and the practices and attitudes of hunters he encounters.

Hunters often straddle the divide between conservationists and advocates for utilizing nature. The author thoughtfully walks this line throughout the book, noting that, adoing our own killing, cleaning, and cooking of that meat seems an honest approach in a culture where most of the killing is done for us behind walls in factories so we remain willfully ignoranta[bar]While Grouse hunting I participate directly in the food chains.a In fact, environmental...

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