Grim Reapers--French Escadrille 94 in World War I.

Author:Bobrow, Carl J.
Position::Book review

Grim Reapers--French Escadrille 94 in World War I. By Jon Guttman. Indio CA: Aeronaut Books, 2016. Photographs. Illustrations. Appendices. Notes. Pp. 94. $29.99 (paperback) ISBN-10:193588140X

Escadrille 94 was, in many ways, representative of the World War I frontline French pursuit squadrons, or escadrille de chasse. Not as well-known as the famous "Les Cigognes," it and other less-well-known units still gave good accounts of themselves. This new work by noted First World War historian Jon Guttman addresses the details of its aviateurs, their machines, and their combat experiences with the "Hun" over the skies of France during some of the most difficult periods of the war.

The war in the air during this period was an intense struggle, often with uneven odds favoring one side or the other. The evolutionary development of aircraft designs, armaments, and tactics was an ongoing process, with men in machines playing out the role of survival of the fittest. The role of many of these front-line units has largely been passed over; this work helps fill that gap.

It's always a pleasure to pick up a work penned by Guttman, as the reader is sure to find it filled from cover to cover with historic details, quality photographs, and related notes that flesh out the subject at hand in the most complete...

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