Grenville, Kate. Writing from start to finish; a six-step guide.

Author:Pucci, Anthony J.
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Allen & Unwin, dist. by Independent Publishers Group. 216p. illus. bibliog. index. c2001. 1-86508-514-6. $11.95. JSA

Australia's Kate Grenville is an accomplished novelist and teacher of writing. She has also authored. The Writing Book and Making Stories. She begins her latest book by acknowledging that writing may be hard but that it is also a skill that everyone can improve with practice. Her approach is best summarized by two statements that are highlighted in the margin of her Introduction: "Writing evolves, it doesn't just arrive" and "Write first, judge later."

Grenville breaks down the writing process into six steps: Getting Ideas, Choosing, Outlining, Drafting, Revising, and Editing. This process is applicable to both imaginative writing and essay writing. The pattern of the text is to provide chapters for each step that include information about the step, an example of the step, and a "doing it" section where the reader applies what has been learned. This logical organization makes it easy for the reader to find those parts of the text that deal with the type of assignment the student might be facing as well as the particular part of the writing process in...

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