Smith, Greg Leitich. Ninjas, piranhas, and Galileo, a novel.

AuthorRosser, Claire
PositionBrief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Little, Brown. 179p. c2003. 0-316-77854-0. $15.95. J

This is a witty book, peopled by smart 7th graders at a special school in the Chicago area (a school like the one the author himself attended as a teenager). There are three main characters: Elias, Shohei, and Honoria. Elias is the youngest child of a family that includes classical musicians and scientists. His best friend Shohei is Japanese. adopted into a Caucasian family, and Shohei's mother is obsessed with having him experience Japanese culture, with Japanese food in his lunches, enforced special lessons, and so forth. Honoria is a seriously interested scientist, unlike her friends Elias and Shohei, and she also is quite interested in the anonymous e-mails she is getting from an admirer.

The plot revolves...

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