Greetings from our "new" offices!(NEWS FROM M STREET) (League of Women Voters )

Author:Tate, Nancy E.

Yes, in the midst of Election 2004 activities, we accomplished the renovation and move into our "new" offices. Even though we have the same address, the space itself is completely new and different. 2004 was, indeed, a busy year--our biennial convention in June and all of our election-related projects culminating on Election Day. Glowing final reports are in from the League's Election 2004 activities, including the 5 Things You Need to Know on Election Day education and media campaign, DNet, voter registration efforts, election protection efforts and the post-election symposium. In addition, there were advocacy activities in civil liberties and campaign finance, and involvement regarding America in the world and global outreach.


With Election 2004 behind us, we...

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