Greenville golf concept elevates entertainment with an eye toward expansion.

When Davis Sezna retired to the Greenville area several years ago, he anticipated slowing down, but soon became restless.

That restlessness would ultimately lead to 3's Golf & Grill in Greenville and the reimagining of what that golf course could offer in terms of hospitality and entertainment.

The businessman was used to the busy lifestyle that was part and parcel of the hospitality business at places like La Quinta Resorts, where he served as president, Cliffs Club Partners where he served as CEO and Heritage Golf Group where he held the position of co-managing partner.

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Undertaking the revitalization of a 29-acre, 18-hole par-three golf course known as Cross Winds, now 3's Golf & Grill, located at 61 Villa Road, Greenville, just seemed like a natural transition to a person skilled in the hospitality business who also just happened to love the game of golf.

According to Sezna, his objective was to bring "fun" to the neglected property and soon heavy hitters like Justin Timberlake were taking notice. Timberlake is no stranger to the sport as an investor and partner in 8AM Golf, a collection of brands with the shared mission of supporting and celebrating golfers and the golf industry and encouraging innovative practices to help it grow.

A work in progress

Sezna said that he's always loved the game of golf, having started at a very early age hitting balls with his dad, which is likely what inspired him to create a designated kids' practice area as part of the renovation that began in the summer of 2019.

"I redid the golf course, the greens, the bunkers and more and was preparing to do what we call 'the shack,' when Covid hit," said Sezna, adding that the silver lining in that dark cloud (at the time) was the call from 8AM Golf stating that they wanted to buy into 35% of the concept and scale it to other cities. Sezna believed in the goals of 8AM Golf, so he signed on as a partner and work continued after the pandemic emergency wound down.

Today 3's Golf & Grill is a premium 12-hole, par-3 golf course that lights up at night...

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