Green seized: pot asset forfeiture.

Author:Soave, Robby
Position:Citings - Brief article

When state police raided Wally Kowalski's southwest Michigan farm in September, they took a bunch of Kowalski's stuff. But they didn't take Kowalski, putting him in the odd position of wishing he had been arrested.

Kowalski, a licensed grower of medicinal marijuana, first drew police attention when cops spotted his plants during a flyover. They contended that he had broken the rules by growing out in the open, even though his garden is enclosed by a fence. During the raid on Kowalski's property, cops destroyed his marijuana plants and seized his power generator. They left his shovels behind, however. He told a local free market think tank, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, that the authorities only seemed interested in taking items that would fetch a good price at auction.

The police also froze the man's bank...

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