Green energy and investment in education: lead democratic business initiatives.

Author:Brewer, Make

The future is bright for business and workers in Michigan with Democrats leading the way through a challenging economic transformation. Governor Granholm, Lt. Governor Cherry and Democrats in the Legislature are working to implement policies that will give Michigan the tools to create an environment that fosters innovation while taking advantage of our existing strengths. Our rich manufacturing industry provides the perfect platform to make Michigan a world leader in green energy and ensure that Michigan continues to be the home of the best workforce in the country which will bring jobs to our state and grow business.


Democrats are leading the way in creating policies that will put Michigan front and center as the country works to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and create products - including cars - that use less energy and use alternative source of energy. Michigan is better positioned than any other state to meet these challenges. With our world-class research institutions, unmatched infrastructure and the best workforce in the world, the possibilities are endless.

Democrats are committed to investing in an exceptional workforce that attracts businesses. Bill Gates is widely cited for pointing to a quality workforce as the top factor for businesses when they choose where to locate. Our great workforce is why MPI Research is adding thousands of jobs in the Kalamzaoo area while Hemlock Semiconductor grows rapidly near Saginaw. It's why Google moved a major division to Ann Arbor and companies from around the world are moving to Michigan.

To continue this success, Democrats are committed to investing in our workforce in a number of different ways. That investment starts at an early age. Expanding early childhood education is the Democrats's first step toward maintaining an excellent workforce. Last year, Governor Granholm signed into law some of the most rigorous graduation requirements in the country, as...

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