Green Business Awards.

Author:Bicknell, Lindsay

Every year, Utah Business awards those businesses who have worked to improve the state of Utah's environment. From reducing water waste to improving the air, we still have a long way to go to be a truly sustainable state, but every step towards sustainability is a step in the right direction. These are the companies who are leading the way toward a better, brighter, greener future.



The 2019 Community Blue Sky Legacy honor was awarded to Utah's capital city. As a Blue Sky Visionary Partner for 15 years, Salt Lake City has long recognized the importance of supporting renewable energy development, and they have set an aggressive goal of powering all city operations through renewable sources by 2030. Salt Lake City's sustainability commitments extend even deeper into the community through energy efficiency projects, recycling programs, community gardens, and more.

Since 2006, more than one megawatt of solar has been installed in the city through Blue Sky grants, generating more than 1.7 million kilowatt-hours per year[?]enough solar to power more than 140 homes. In addition to Salt Lake City's Blue Sky participation, more than 10,000 of its citizens also participate in the program.


Since the original Blue Sky Challenge in 2004, The Synergy Company has been a Blue Sky partner and renewable energy advocate. Based in Moab, Utah, the company purchases more Blue Sky blocks than any other private company in the city. The company's founder Mitchell May stated: "Synergy was founded 30 years ago on the principles of sustainability." His goal has always been to ensure the "organization's footprint always has a positive impact on the community, not a negative."

The company produces and distributes certified organic nutritional superfoods, extracts, vitamins, and dietary supplements with the mission statement "Inspired by Nature." The Synergy Company's impact on community at the citizen-level, with a continuous focus on adding value, is a brilliant model for other organizations to follow and aligns perfectly with the Blue Sky Program's mission. Blue Sky extends its gratitude to The Synergy Company for pioneering a path for others to follow.


"Stein Collection joined Blue Sky because we wanted to be a part of the solution in going green with our energy consumption," says Michelle O'Brien, vice president of human resources. From high above Park City's Main Street, this beautiful, elite property follows a Green Initiatives Program that has made sustainability a priority for its guests and workforce for many years.

In an industry where waste can be easily overlooked, Stein Eriksen sets the bar for businesses of any size to reduce their environmental impact. In addition to waste reduction, recycling, and the use of green cleaning products, the hotel's investment in Blue Sky renewable energy has had the same environmental impact as eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from driving 3.1 million miles in a gas-powered passenger vehicle. Blue Sky wishes to thank Stein Eriksen for being an early adopter, a loyal partner, and for setting an example in their industry.


244 West is the smallest business that has ever received a Blue Sky Legacy award. However, their impact is nothing less than remarkable, and they have maintained their Visionary Partnership status in the Blue Sky Program since August 2004. Tom and Becky Colvin, Steve Connor, and Lori Shields are co-owners of a charming commercial building on 300 North in Salt Lake City, built in 1911 and converted to 14 commercial spaces and art studios since 1999.

There is only one electric meter at the property, which...

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