A Greek Goodbye: Sustainable human capital is relevant for all companies in driving performance, regardless of their opinion on societal good.

Author:Tahmincioglu, Eve

That statement came from a corporate governance expert I respect very much. But I question the premise.

I believe we need sustainable human capital if we want an equitable society, because without that, companies won't be able to drive sustainable, long-term performance. Creating good, well-paying jobs that provide employees the ability to participate in the American dream bolsters society and the bottom line.

It's been at the heart of our coverage at Directors & Boards last year, and that focus will continue this year, with an eye on risk and environmental, social and governance issues (ESG).

I was proud to spearhead the ESG deep dive and saw it come to fruition thanks to the magazine's senior editor April Hall, creative director Monica McLaughlin and roster editor Barbara Wenger. However, I won't be leading the ESG journey into the new decade.

This will be my last issue as Director & Boards' editor-in-chief. I am leaving to take on the role of communications director at the Economic Policy Institute (EPI.org), a Washington-based think tank.

For much of my career as a business journalist, I covered corporate America and the workplace, with a particular interest in income inequality and diversity. When the position as editor of Directors & Boards presented itself, jumped at the chance to cover the nation's...

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