Baseball's Greatest Series : Yankees Mariners and the 1995 Matchup That Changed History.

Position:Book review

Chris Donnelly; BASEBALL'S GREATEST SERIES : YANKEES MARINERS AND THE 1995 MATCHUP THAT CHANGED HISTORY; Rutgers University Press (Sports) $24.95 ISBN: 9780813546629

In mid-1995 baseball seemed to be finished as the nations pastime. A devastating strike ended the 1994 season in mid-August and no one wanted anything to do with the replacement players that were trotted out for the following Spring Training. The strike was eventually settled but fan backlash and apathy were at their highest that summer until baseball reclaimed its place in the hearts of Americans thanks in part to a remarkable American League playoff series that saw two latecomers square off. The once-proud New York Yankees squeaked into their first post-season in fourteen years with the newly devised American League wild card berth. They would face the refuse to lose Seattle Mariners who rallied from fifteen and a half games behind the Angels in mid-August to beat themin a one-game tie-breakerand win the Western Division pennant for the first time since the franchise began in 1977.

Chris Donnelly a graduate of the College of New Jersey and a devoted Yankee fan puts aside his partisan loyalties to revisit the drama of that epic 1995 series. Donnelly includes dozens of interviews with players coaches and other team officials and many periodical articles to piece together a context that includes useful Yankee and Mariner history and the careers of the participants. His book will be of interest to Yankee and Mariner fans as well as to baseball...

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