Great Minds Meeting Opener Series.

Author:Ellet, Bill
Position:Brief article - Video recording review

Great Minds Meeting Opener Series, Video, 2006, TrainingABC, $695.

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A well-established format for meeting openers is quotes from famous people displayed with pictures and a stately sound track. This series fits comfortably into that format. The six videos cover popular topics: character and integrity, teamwork, attitude, creativity, innovation and imagination, motivation, leadership.

The quotes are well chosen. Some are a bit too sententious and rhetorical for my taste--their sound is better than their meaning. Others are succinct and direct and memorable, as they should be. I particularly like one by cranky Henry Ford included in the innovation video. (I won't spoil the effect by telling you what it is.)

The production suggests a show on The History Channel, with all the usual wise people--well-known politicians, scientists, coaches, and so on. What they tend to have in...

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