Great Issue.

Author:Poole, James R.
Position::WE HEAR YOU

Dear Ruth: What a wonderful job you have done in collecting and editing all of this fantastic environmental writing in your June/July issue and tying it all together with your Editor's Note, "Life on Earth," and your Comment, "Climate Warriors." In previous letters, I have expressed hope that you would publish articles in The Progressive to help call your readers' attention to the "looming planetary disaster" posed by climate change and the population explosion. There are no words to say how pleased I am with what you wrote, collected, edited, and published in this issue. It is far better than I had even hoped.

I hope letter writer Cliff Wexler of Edina, Minnesota, who doesn't like the idea of going to longer, bimonthly issues, will change his mind about letting his subscription lapse, after reading this issue. If not... it's his loss. You can never please everyone...

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