Gray, Heather M. & Phillips, Samantha. Real Girl, Real World : A Guide to Finding Your True Self.

Author:Smith, Debra
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

GRAY, Heather M. & PHILLIPS, Samantha. Real girl, real world; a guide to finding your true self. Seal. 258p. illus. bibliogs. notes. index. c2005. 1-58005-133-2. $15.95. JS

Originally published in 1998, this new edition includes current resources and up-to-date facts and information on a range of issues important to teenage girls. Topics covered include beauty, body image, eating disorders, sexuality, and feminism. From descriptions of pelvic exams to discussions about the effects of unrealistic standards of beauty on self-esteem, the authors seek to inform, not to preach. The underlying message stresses the importance of being true to yourself....

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