Gray, Claudia. Evernight.

Author:Flint-Ferguson, Janis
Position::Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

GRAY, Claudia. Evernight. HarperCollins. 336p. c2008. 978-0-0612-8439-7. $16.99. JS

Evernight Academy is a gloomy boarding school filled with the rich and the vampire, with a few humans to keep the school from attracting too much attention in the local town. The typical high school cliques are well represented, but for outsider Bianca Olivier something else is going on--first love. On the night before school begins, she meets Jared Ross, a tall, good-looking young man who makes a quick reputation for himself as a troublemaker. But he is a troublemaker who dedicates himself to protecting her from an unnamed, undefined evil. Even Bianca's best friend Raquel feels the presence of that evil. Bianca doesn't know what to think about their concerns, but while sorting it out she develops a relationship with Jared...

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