A Different Kind of Graveyard: StealthA AircraftA Rumored to Be Buried at Area 51.


New York (AirGuide - Airline & Travel News) Mon, Feb 17, 2014 - Hereas something you might never have considered: What does the military do with all its secret planes when itas time to retire them. Although you might think they sit collecting dust in a hangar in a protected location, rumor has it they are physically buried underground. Where? Area 51, allegedly a where else? Groom Lake in an area popularly known as Area 51 in Nevada. Urban Ghosts Media has a story that states although some of the planes that become declassified and stripped of their more secret components head to museums, burial near Groom Lake in Nevada a also well known as Area 51, a military base shrouded in secrecy and popularized in conspiracy theories a might be common treatment as well. Although not necessarily a new or well-known practice, it makes for fascinating reading none the less. A sign outside of the restricted military land. Itas not the first time the rumors have arisen of an Area 51 stealth plane graveyard. In 2001, the Las Vegas Review-Journalas Keith Rogers brought the intriguing practice to light. Rogers wrote the account of a former worker at Groom Lake who spoke anonymously as he recalled what he witnessed in 1982: It was a massive excavation, he said. aThey didnat dig that hole and put Martians or moon men in it.a He said the wreckage of a classified plane that was buried on the base was for months in whatas called the aScoot-N-Hide,a a shed off a taxiway where secret planes are kept out of view of orbiting satellites. aThey put it on a flatbed truck and put it in a hangar. Then one day they scraped it off the flatbed into the hole and buried it,a he said. aThey attached a cable to the aircraft and just pulled it off. The thing was shattered like an egg.a A color adjusted photo from NASAas Landsat Rogers went on to report the account of Peter Merlin, an aviation writer who found evidence of the practice in declassified documents, who said at the time that more than a dozen were buried there with the combined value of up to $1 billion. These are the aircraft Merlin...

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