A Grave Denied.

Author:Chaplin, Nancy
Position:Brief Article - Audiobook Review

A GRAVE DENIED. Dana Stabenow. 2003. Read by Marguerite Gavin. 7-1.5 hour tapes. Books on Tape. 0-7366-9516-8. $56.00. Vinyl; plot notes. SA

The setting: an Alaskan park preserve, sparsely populated by intrepid characters, one of whom is Kate Shugak. Once an Anchorage investigator of child abuse, Kate has fled back to the park, which was her childhood home, to heal from the death of a lover. She has taken in her lover's teenaged son who has run away from the painful neglect of a biological mother who never wanted children but who is now spitefully seeking custody. Then comes the murder of a local handyman known, but not well known, by the inhabitants of the park.

Gavin has a gravelly but interesting voice and ably narrates the rough-hewn...

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