Graphic Labels goes digital with JFlex 870 retrofit.

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Graphic Labels, a label manufacturer in Orlando, FL, USA, sought advanced digital label printing, because many of its customers demanded short run orders with fast turnaround. The company's three flexo presses require a lot of prep time--and constant plate changes--making customized label runs time consuming and costly.

Owner Michael Bartole, who also serves as manager and press operator, along with his father, Gustav, who founded the company, had the depth of knowledge and experience to move into digital, but the high cost of entry was daunting. They were not shy about investing--Gustav previously built and ran a leading printing company in Venezuela, which included three Galius presses. However, their forced move to America out of a politically difficult nation taken over by Hugo Chavez made them more cost-conscious than ever,

Says Michael Bartole, "Facing a cost of entry at $500,000 to $1 million for getting into digital, we first took a small step with a $50,000 converted color laser office printer."

The Bartoles did save time by eliminating plate changes, but in many cases this gain was more than lost because of how slow the system printed. At a labels trade show, they learned of a retrofit innovation from IPT Digital (powered by Memjet inkjet technology), and were surprised to find a digital color system with running speeds more than 10x their existing digital system with much better print quality.


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