Grant, Vicki. The puppet wrangler.

Author:Scanlon, Donna
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

GRANT, Vicki. The puppet wrangler, Orca. 212p. c2004. 1-55143-304-4. $7.95. J*

Twelve-year-old Telly is quiet and tries to be unobtrusive, in contrast to her older sister Bess for whom trouble is a way of life. When Bess' antics veer way out of control, Telly gets shipped away for a month from her small town in Nova Scotia to Toronto, where her Aunt Kathleen is the producer of a children's television puppet show. At first, Telly is terrified of Aunt Kathleen, but she soon finds herself at home at the studio. Zola, the show's puppet wrangler, takes Telly under her wing and the rest of the adults seem friendly as well. For once, Telly can relax and be herself without worrying about Bess wreaking havoc around her. Even better, she has a secret all to herself: Bitsie, the puppet "star" of the show, is alive. While this is very cool on many levels, Telly soon learns that having a friend like Bitsie can be a challenge on the magnitude of her sister Bess.

Grant's debut novel...

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