GRAJDANZEV, ANDREW J. Formosa Today. Pp. 193. New York: Institute of Pacific Relations, 1942. $1.00

Date01 November 1942
Published date01 November 1942
Subject MatterArticles
more than 200,000 have any conception of
indigenous economy is pictured as quite
the meaning of democracy. &dquo;Independence
distinct and uninfluenced by the presence
would have introduced merely an oligarchic
of the Western economy; yet in the second
domination by the small minority of edu-
part, considerable influence of the latter on
cated leaders ... not even a pretense of
the first is admitted. This is probably due
democratic government could have been
to the fact that Boeke presses his thesis of
maintained.&dquo; Thailand is a case in point:
the two distinct and totally different econo-
the People’s Party which has governed the
mies a bit far. However that may be, he
country since the revolution of 1931 is a
has enriched the literature on the Indies
small oligarchy of the Western-educated
with a penetrating and illuminating analy-
government ofhcials, army officers, and pro-
sis and description of the economic struc-
fessional men. The small rice farmers who
ture and life of the very complicated,
make up the bulk of the nation have no
&dquo;pluralistic&dquo; Indies society. Readers not
understanding of democracy, and have little
acquainted with the Indies ought to be cau-
greater voice in the government than in the
tioned, however. Boeke’s masterful analy-
days of the despotic monarchy of a decade
sis is a truer picture of Indies society as
Professor Kennedy points out that
it was twenty years ago than at the time
owing to fear of the Japanese, the goal of
of the Japanese invasion. During the past
the Indonesian nationalists was dominion
decade, and especially during the years
status and not independence from Holland.
since 1937, the economic life of the Indies
has undergone a rapid integration, due to
University of Minnesota
the Government’s policy of introducing
measures to combat the depression, to re-
BOEKE, J. H. The Structure of Nether-
duce the vulnerability of the country to
lands Indian Economy. Pp. x, 201.

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