Graf, L.A. Present tense.

Author:Flick, Hugh M., Jr.
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

GRAF, L.A. Present tense. (Star Trek: The Janus Gate, Bk. 1). 252p. 0-671-03636-X. Future imperfect. (Star Trek: The Janus Gare, Bk. 2.) 254p. 0-671-03635-1. Pocket Books. c2002. $6.99 each. JSA

These are the first two volumes of a trilogy featuring the original Star Trek cast of characters. In the first installment, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise find themselves under the control of a mysterious alien device built by a long-dead and forgotten civilization while exploring an abandoned and lifeless planet. The device drains energy from their power cells and uses it to charge a mysterious matter transmission process, transferring beings from crisis points in their lives, especially points where they would have died, to a healing chamber. In this volume, three crewmembers get "saved" by the device--Captain Kirk, Chekov, and Sulu. However, the device transports the contemporary crewmember away as it "saves" the crewmember at the point of the crisis. This installment sets up the situation without giving any real information about what it is or what happens to the missing crewmembers.


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