Government's Happy, Schoolkids Ain't.


It could have been the semi-perfect heist, and one of the biggest in modem Greek history. But it turned out just seriously tickin' off the senior student body of the Zaknythos school system.

It began when Greek officials tried unusual means to safely transport a large amount of cash in bundled, used bills -- 220 million drachmas, or about $546,400. Since U.S. Armored cars had been getting knocked over on a regular basis, officials decided to just mail the money, in a couple of unmarked canvas sacks. Sure, it would be shuffled around from security cage to security cage with routine certified and insured mail. But with no other precautions, and nobody in the process knowing what was in those plain-wrap bags, it almost worked. And sorta did.

But somebody knew, and talked. This was obvious when five hooded, pistol-waving guys busted into the...

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