Government Finance Officers Association: Key Dates.


Government Finance Officers Association Key Dates February 2020 3-6 Group-Live Courses in Long Beach, California 2/3 Accounting for Pensions and OPEB 2/3 Budgeting Best Practices: Capital Project Budgeting 2/4 Evaluating Internal Controls REVISED 2/5-6 Advanced Governmental Accounting 2/5-6 ERP Implementation and Technology Governance 7 Application Deadline for GFOA Executive Board Go to for details 7 Early Registration Discount Deadline for GFOA Group-Live Courses in Albuquerque, New Mexico 12 NEW Investment Fundamentals for Accounting - Session 1 Group Internet-Based Course 13 NEW Cash Flow Forecasting: Developing the Right Approach for Your Entity Group Internet-Based Course 19 NEW Investing for Accountants and Performance Measurements - Session 2 Group Internet-Based Course 20 NEW Essential Tools for Effective Payable Policies and Procedures in the Treasury Office Group Internet-Based Course 26 NEW Accounting and Financial Reporting Disclosures for Investments - Session 3 Group Internet-Based Course March 2020 2 Application Deadline for GFOA Awards for Excellence Go to for details 9-12 Group-Live Courses in Albuquerque, New Mexico 3/9-12 Accounting Academy Space is limited 3/9 Budgeting Best Practices: Communicating the Budget 3/9-10 ERP Readiness and System Selection 3/10 Budgeting Best Practices: Budget Monitoring and Performance Measures 3/11-12 Managing the Budget Process 11 Application Deadline for GFOA Hero Award Go to for details 18 Accounting and Disclosures for Debt Group Internet-Based Course 19 ENCORE Developing an RFP for an ERP System Group Internet-Based Course 24-27 Budget Academy in Chicago, Illinois Space is limited Group Internet-Based Course 25 NEW Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Website and Document Compliance Group Internet-Based Course 3/30- Accounting Academy 4/2 in Chicago, IL Space is limited April 2020 16 Annual Conference Advance Registration Discount Deadline 20-22 Group-Live Course in Chicago, Illinois 4/20-21 Debt Management Best Practices May 2020 8 Early Registration Discount Deadline for GFOA Group-Live Courses in Seattle, Washington NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA PRECONFERENCE SEMINARS May 15 * Infrastructure and Disaster Recovery Efforts in New Orleans * Think Quickly But Speak Slowly: Presentation Skills for Finance Officers * Overview of Common Investment Instruments and the Related Accounting and Financial Disclosures May 16 * Giving Voice to Values...

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