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MARCH 2019

1 Application deadline for Awards for Excellence Go to for details

7 Introduction to Governmental Accounting for Accountants (encore) Group Internet-Based Course

11-14 Group-Live Courses in Salt Lake City, Utah

11 Best Practices in Budgeting: Budget Monitoring 11 Enterprise Fund Accounting 11-12 Investing Public Funds 12 Preparing a CAFR 12 Best Practices in Budgeting: Communicating the Budget 13-14 Intermediate Governmental Accounting 13-14 Capital Budgeting and Infrastructure Finance 19-21 NEW GFOA Skills Building Workshop Budget Development in Chicago, Illinois

20 Accounting for Leases under the New Standard (encore) Group Internet-Based Course

21 NEW Overview of GFOA's Budgeting Best Practices Group Internet-Based Course

26-28 Accounting Academy: An Intensive Introduction to Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting in Chicago, Illinois Space is limited

28 NEW Coaching Your Employees to Greatness Group Internet-Based Course

APRIL 2019

1-4 Group-Live Courses in Chicago, Illinois

1-2 Debt Management for Frequent Issuers 3 Strategic Planning 4-5 Managing the Budget Process 11 Annual Conference Advance Registration Discount Deadline

11 NEW Case Studies in Online Financial Transparency Group Internet-Based Course

MAY 2019

10 Early Registration Discount Deadline for GFOA's June 10-13 Group-Live Training Seminars in Portland, Oregon

17-18 Preconference Seminars in Los Angeles, California

17 Alliance For Excellence In School Budgeting: GFOA Annual Conference Meetin0g 17 Strategies for Professional Growth: Building Confidence And Influence 17 All The Queen's Horses--Beyond The Movie 17 It's Out There: Understanding The Financial Impacts of Cyber Security Risk 17 Finding The Flight Banking Services Fit for You 18 An Accountant, An Actuary, and An Auditor Walk Into A Bar ... 18 Issuer Disclosure Practices and Investor Relations Program 18 Detroit: Past, Present, Future 18 All The Queen's Horses--Beyond The Movie (encore) 18 Doing The Right Thing When It Is Hard: Living Your Ethics in Tough Situations 18 GFOA Committee Meetings in Los Angeles, California

18 GFOA State/Provincial Representatives and Presidents Meeting in Los Angeles, California

18-19 Certified Public Finance Officer (CPFO) Testing in Los...

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