Governance, risk, and controls.

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As an internal auditor, you are called upon to assess and make appropriate recommendations for improving the governance process; evaluate the effectiveness and contribute to the improvement of risk management processes; and assist the organization in maintaining effective controls by evaluating their effectiveness and efficiency and by promoting continuous improvement. As the professional association established to support you, the internal auditor, we have developed a host of resources to assist you in achieving those objectives.


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Assessing Risk: Ensuring Internal Audit's Value

This course provides practical insights relating to contemporary best practices of risk assessment activities and allows participants to apply what they have learned so they can implement risk assessment activities at their organization. Covering fundamentals and nuances such as audit universe, risk appetite, and fraud; and the challenges of implementation. It also addresses skill gaps many internal auditors struggle with such as how to develop their own risk assessment frameworks and how to select or construct a risk ranking system.


Upcoming Offerings: Aug. 5-14, eSeminar

Sept. 25-26, San Francisco, CA

Oct. 7-8, Chicago, IL

Nov. 11-12, Houston, TX

Nov. 17-20, eSeminar

Nov. 18-19, San Francisco, CA

Dec. 8-9, Orlando, FL

Course Duration: 2 days / CPE Hours Available: 16

Risk-based Auditing: A Value Add Proposition

Through case studies, group discussions, roundtables, and facilitator presentations, this course will help audit team leaders and other management level audit professionals align their organizations' strategies, visions, and values with the internal audit process. Participants will come to understand the importance of corporate governance and enterprise risk management, while learning to identify risks, perform risk assessments, develop a risk-based assurance plan, understand entity wide controls, and plan a risk-based engagement.


Upcoming Offerings: Sept. 8-17, eSeminar

Nov. 18-19, San Francisco, CA

Dec. 10-11, Orlando, FL

Course Duration: 2 days / CPE Hours Available: 16



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