Got 'Glassdoored'? 5 tips to legally respond to negative reviews about your company.

Just like a few negative reviews on Yelp can slow the foot traffic into a local pizza joint, unflattering critiques of your organization on can quickly frighten off would-be applicants.

Glassdoor is for applicants what is for diners. But this is worse than a roach in the ravioli.

Negative or even fake reviews can cause serious damage to your quality of hires. A full 94% of people say that an online review has convinced them to avoid a business, says a Consumer Fusion survey.

It's tempting to quickly react, make it personal or try to get even with the anonymous poster (typically a former employee). But the best move is to manage the issue calmly. Five tips:

1 Keep it professional. Periodically scan Glassdoor and related sites for reviews of your company. Respond to each. Thank the writers of positive reviews.

For negative reviews, don't strike back or make excuses. Highlight corporate attributes and possibly offer to address the matter further in private. You could write something like, "Thank you for your candid review. We are sorry you did not enjoy your time here. We pride ourselves in providing a productive and collegial atmosphere, as reflected in the more than 20 positive reviews here. We wish you well in your next endeavor."

2 Don't post a...

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