The Gospel Remix: Reaching the Hip-Hop Generation.

Author:Hill, Christopher Jack
Position:Book review

The Gospel Remix: Reaching the Hip-Hop Generation By Ralph C. Watkins With Jason A. Barr Jr., Jamal-Harrison Bryant, William H. Curtis, Otis Moss III Judson Press, January 2007 $14, ISBN 0-817-01507-7

Hip-hop. What started as rollicking beats, colorful street graffiti and body-popping break dancing during the '70s in New York City eventually became one of the world's most influential musical genres and a cultural movement that would invade every institution of contemporary society and culture.

Today nothing seems amiss concerning hip--hop's influence on music, Western culture, clothing, and the new hip-hop lingo that constantly pervades Merriam-Webster's Dictionary (think "bling-bling") each year. Now, hip-hop has progressively reached another movement--the hip-hop gospel movement.

Several well-known religious leaders and scholars chronicle the combination of gospel and hip-hop in The Gospel Remix, which is considered a moving yet sophisticated approach to reaching the hip-hop generation through evangelism.

The book provides introspective and diversified accounts of successful tools used by religious scholars and prominent black Evangelical pastors who have welcomed hip-hop into their congregations. Evangelist and scholar Ralph C. Watkins, a professor at the Fuller Theological Seminary in California, offers a barrage of ideas to appeal to a post civil rights generation who consistently associates success with material wealth, as well as the young, white-collar individuals who occasionally pop in a 50 Cent CD on their way to work...

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