Goodbye Borders.

Position:Letters to the Editor - Letter to the editor

Thank you for the lovely tip of the hat to Borders in the July/August issue. I have been a reader of your magazine since it started.

It was always hurtful to read comments in magazines such as Publishers Weekly intimating that Borders and B&N employees were some kind of automatons who knew nothing about books. As an employee with 16 years experience, I can assure you that we were passionate about books and music. It is very sad to see 16,000 people lose their jobs. We did not work at Borders for the big bucks but because we loved working in a place filled with all kinds of possibilities. The world is a sadder place with so many bookstores shuttered.


Mary Miller, via e-mail

I have been trying to come to terms with the fact that very soon there will be no more bookstore cafes in my area. While I love independent book-stores and seek them out wherever I go, spending an evening in a Borders bookstore was one of my favorite activities. Just sipping coffee, wandering the aisles, and sitting and reading in the cafe formed part of my life for so many years. The other day I said to myself, "At least I have Bookmarks to look at and explore new books." Then...

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