Good People, Bad Choices.

Author:Wagner, Libby

Good People, Bad Choices, Video, 2006, Vivid Edge Productions, $795.

Support: leader guide, participant materials.

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Many people have been disappointed (or worse) by the recent ethical failures of prominent business leaders. It's no wonder organizations have a renewed concern about the ethics of their employees, especially since such serious ethical violations fracture public trust and result in increased cynicism and disengagement.


The greatest impact on individual ethical decisions occurs when an organization aligns its principles and mission with a call to commitment for doing "the right thing." Good People, Bad Choices: A Guide to Ethical Decision Making is a step in the right direction because it asks viewers to do the reflective work necessary for making difficult decisions in the midst of ethical dilemmas.

Inside the box

The 24-minute DVD includes the following:

* A narrative with vignettes interspersed as examples

* Separate vignette tracks to be used as discussion prompts

* A PDF leader's guide on a separate CD

The leader's guide is especially good and includes:

* Worksheets for reproduction

* Discussion suggestions and verbal prompts

* Key points

* Questions for consideration

* Methods for integrating individual organizational policies to customize the training

Key strengths

This program has several notable strengths and no major downsides:

The content and language of the video are easy to understand and accessible, but they aren't too simplistic. Suggestions for personal reflection and assessment when faced with a dilemma could have wide audience appeal.

Although the stated audience is both managers and employees, the program seems more suitable for employee ethics training or new employee orientation. It does offer guidance and some good questions for reflection, but it does not really offer managers strategies for dealing with ethical dilemmas specific to their managerial...

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