Good Grades Aren't Everything in Sex Ed.

Position:HEALTH EDUCATION - Sex education

Just because students ace their tests in health class does not mean they will remember and use lessons about preventing pregnancy and HIV infection when it counts, suggests a study at Ohio State University. Columbus.

The researchers explored the effects of teaching sex education with a focus on making sure students master the material rather than just pass tests and score well on assignments. They found big differences that could have life-altering repercussions, indicates study author Eric Anderman, professor of educational psychology

Students whose teachers worked to make sure they truly took in the material in health class, even if, for example, that meant retaking tests and repeating previously covered lessons, were more likely to grasp those lessons later, and to say they would take measures such as using condoms.

"When teachers are focusing on mastery, they emphasize the importance of the lessons to the student's life and, if necessary, go over topics again and again to make sure that students understand, as opposed to a This is important because its going to be on...

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