GOING SOCIAL FOR NEW RECRUITS: Put your social profiles to work attracting the best talent for your franchise location.

Author:Spaeder, Karen

If your franchise location is trying to recruit top talent, your social media can either help or harm your efforts. Just as a customer might check out your social media prior to doing business with you, potential employees will do the same if they're considering working for you.

Company culture, product and service information, background on a company's mission and values and evidence that business is booming are just a few of the things applicants will investigate. If you're responsive to social comments, messages and reviews, it boosts not only your online reputation, but also applicants' confidence in your brand. If you're not, it could drive away qualified applicants.

You can leverage social media as a powerful channel to build a culture-centric, localized online presence--as well as create and boost job posts. Here's a closer look at the top ways to make sure your social media is aiding your employee recruitment efforts.


Upon joining a franchise brand, with its built-in systems and processes, many franchisees think that corporate will handle everything for them, including their social media. While corporate may supply branded content, it's ultimately the franchisees' responsibility to build an engaged local community.

In a recent episode of the MODRN Business Podcast, social media expert and 2019 IFA Annual Convention keynote speaker Gary Vaynerchuk confirms that "vanilla" corporate content doesn't work when it comes to building a local audience. When you're recruiting employees, your local social media should provide a snapshot of your culture and what it's like to work at your company.

When applicants look at your social pages, what kind of culture do they see? Does it look fun, inviting and team-oriented? Is there even evidence of culture? Focus on being genuine and attracting prospects. Behind-the-scenes snapshots, employee spotlights, "inside jokes" about your town and other local content makes your business stand out and builds community. Corporate content does the opposite.


Along the same lines, you can invite your employees to be a part of the social conversation. Empower your employees to be brand advocates, and you'll have a team of loyalists posting user-generated content on their own social profiles.

One study by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research demonstrates the trend toward employee advocacy on social media. Half of the employees surveyed...

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