Going green with SGP.


The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), an authority in sustainable printing certifications for print manufacturers, aims to spread its message and advance package printing. SGP says its multi-attribute sustainability certification is unlike any other in the printing industry, and it was on-hand at the recent FTA Forum and INFOFLEX exhibition in Indianapolis, IN, USA.

SGP Printers are among a class of facilities that have made a commitment to corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability. Certified printers are seen as valuable resources for consumer product companies that want to elevate their own sustainability initiatives by working with printers that have validated sustainability programs.

"SGP facilitates a more sustainable supply chain by bringing together printers, suppliers and consumer products companies to promote sustainable business practices. We look forward to educating more of FTA's consumer products company attendees about SGP and the SGP Brand Leaders program so that they, as buyers of flexographically printed materials, can assure a more sustainable supply chain,"...

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