Goals vs. objectives.

Author:Kanhai, Moses
Position:Letter to cw - Letter to the editor

As an IABC junkie for more than three decades, I hope the words of Gold Quill Awards Chair Melissa Dark, ABC, in the January-February issue will continue to spark interest among new entrants to the Gold Quill Awards program, and remind longtime members to showcase their best work for peer review and evaluation.

However, I would like to underline two important elements of the Gold Quill Awards that were not discussed in any depth in Melissa's article. Entrants and indeed all communication professionals should keep in mind the following:

  1. Your ultimate purpose is to help your organization or your client's organization to fulfill its business goals.

  2. The two pillars of a Gold Quill Award entry are the objectives and measurement/evaluation

Over the years, we have not done as good a job as we should to help communication professionals understand the difference between goals and objectives. Goals are directional statements, and objectives are destination statements. They are not the same and are not interchangeable. Goals are broad, long-term directions for...

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