Go, superheroes!(WE HEAR YOU)

Author:Charles, Antowyne D.

Dear Urban Superheroes at The Progressive:

I've never before written to a magazine to comment, but I've just been SO blown away by your journalism; so lucid, so comprehensive, so balanced, so in-depth, so POWERFUL! I'm a neo-social advocate and activist and urban superhero (well, technically I'm still in training!), and your magazine has become my bible! My hair's falling out because I'm so anxious to get my hands on the next issue to study your coverage of our Puppet President! That's no joke. I am seriously on the edge of my seat waiting, because I know you're not going to sugarcoat anything or pull any punches.

Also, just a quick but deep thank you on behalf of our inmate Progressive group. Yeah, that's a real thing. There are now six of us who share your magazine. We actually pass it around to all six members every Sunday morning so they can read a specific section, which we'll then get together and discuss. I can't even tell you how...

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