'Global 'redundancy.

Position::The view from IMTS 2006

With more than 80 nations represented at IMTS 2006, the show is most definitely a crossroad of global commerce. Certainly the managers at cutting-tool manufacturer Iscar Metals Ltd. know that.

"We are there specifically for the manufacturer that is either unaware that we have a solution for them or simply to provide our current customers the opportunity to sit with our very best technical people and to review the new ideas we have on display," says Andrew Benson, vice president of business development. " The 'nimble' manufacturer sends its process engineers to IMTS to get solutions." Adds Mike Gadzinski, Iscar's North American training manager: "The global market is very much influencing the market and business strategies. I would go so far as to say there is no need to use the term 'global' anymore. It indicates that there is some sort of a difference between markets. We are a global market.

The Israeli company, which recently attracted the attention and then the cash of super-investor Warren Buffett, is accustomed to the world as the market. "First, Iscar has a global footprint," Benson points out. "We're present in every significant metalworking market...

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