Giving Postmodernism Its Due.

Author:Jan, Alfred
Position:LETTERS - Letter to the editor

While Michael Werner discusses many people leading up to postmodernism in "Threads of Humanist History" (Humanism 101, J/A 2018), he gives short shrift to postmodernism itself, calling it "an extreme form of subjectivism and cynicism." He neglects to mention: 1) the incredulity towards modernist narratives of personal and societal emancipation (Jean Francois Lyotard); 2) the cultural moment of multinational capitalism (Fredric Jameson); 3) the deconstruction of binary oppositions (Jacques Derrida); and 4) the real being replaced by signs of the real (Jean Baudrillard).

Instead of critiquing these ideas, Werner accuses those who believe in...

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