Girl Town.

Author:Alexice, Mya
Position::Book review

Carolyn Nowak; GIRL TOWN; Top Shelf Productions (Comics & Graphic Novels: Comics & Graphic Novels) 19.99 ISBN: 9781603094382

Byline: Mya Alexice

Carolyn Nowak's Girl Town is an intriguing, masterful celebration of girls and girlhood that honors young women of every shape, color, and identity with spellbinding, vivid art.

Five self-contained comics utilize Nowak's charming, vibrant illustrations to expertly develop a one-of-a-kind plot. Comic-book medium aside, Girl Town is for girls who are at least in high school, as it explores adult themes and images.

In "Girl Town," the humorous politics of a neighborhood feud come to light. The heartwarming "Radishes" tells the story of two girls who play hooky and discover the nearby fantasy market, while "Diana's Electric Tongue" chronicles a love story between girl and robot. These are the collection's standout entries; each crafts a familiar but quirky universe with expert world-building. Tiger cafA[c]s in lieu of cat cafA[c]s; radishes with mystical powers -- subtle but powerful creativity abounds.

Nowak plunges into the world of feminine friendships in earnest. The girls in this book are...

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