Gilling, Tom. The adventures of Miles and Isabel.

Author:LaMontagne, Phyllis
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Grove. 198p. c2001. 0-8021-4019-X. $12.00. SA

Set in New South Wales, Australia in the mid-1800s, this flight of fancy features Miles McGinty and Isabel Dowling, whose unconventional beginnings in the Prince of Wales Theatre mark the beginning of a series of parallel and joint adventures. Eliza McGinty goes into labor while starring in Hamlet, and shortly after, Miles is born. Eliza Dowling gives birth to Isabel upon returning home from viewing the same stage production. Years later, Miles and Isabel meet Tobias Smith, the famous balloonist, but when Tobias becomes a dissolute drunk, Miles is temporarily disillusioned. Forever the realist, he also dismisses the powers of Balthasar, the magician, who uses bogus methods of levitation. Miles' fascination with flying persists, however, and finds its counterpart in Isabel whose own obsession is reflected in the statuette of a balloonist she has kept on her desk at home. Later, the two apply the principles learned from various experiments to the...

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