Gilbert, Barbara Snow. Paper trail.

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Random House, Laurel-Leaf. 154p. c2000. 0-440-22939-1. $5.50. JS

To quote KLIATT's July 2000 review of the hardcover edition:

Walker has grown up in the small, isolated town of Red Cedar, Oklahoma, dominated by an antigovernment militia group called the Soldiers of God, to which his father belongs. Walker has a suspicion that there's something strange about his family--why are there no baby photos, and why won't his father answer questions about his past? As the novel opens things have gone terribly awry--15-year-old Walker is hiding inside a log, watching through a knothole as the Soldiers kill his mother. His father is an undercover FBI agent, it seems, and the group has round out about it. Walker makes his escape from the log, spends the night in the woods, is snake-bit and then captured. He manages to escape, and to rescue his father and blow up a barn full of ammunition and explosives--but then we discover at the end that in reality a friend rescued Walker from the log after his mother was killed, and that he had "suffered a trauma-induced memory loss ... his mind might just make up something to fill in...

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