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Los Angeles, California--with its vibrancy and incredible diversity of cultures, attractions, hotels, restaurants, museums, beaches, and mountains--welcomed GFOA for its I 13th Annual Conference, May 19 to 22, 2019.

In this special section, find out more about GFOA's new board members, the events of the conference, GFOA scholarship winners, and our first Hero Award recipients.


Government Finance Officers Association is governed by an 18-member Executive Board, which consists of 15 at-large members, the current president, the past president, and the president-elect. At the association's annual business meeting on May 21, 2019, during the 113th Annual Conference in Los Angeles, California, the following individuals were elected to GFOA's Executive Board.


Director of Finance, Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District, St. Louis, Missouri

GFOA Member: 18 years

GFOA Board Member: 2016 to 2019

Committees Served

* Committee on Treasury and Investment Management (2011 to 2019; chair, 2013 to 2014)

* Local Conference Committee for GFOA's 112th Annual Conference in St Louis, Missouri (co

MARION M. GEE identified his goals as president-elect: continue to educate members on legislative matters and Governmental Accounting Standards Board and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board pronouncements; communicate initiatives to decision makers, ensuring that they understand the impact those initiatives will have on state and local governments; pursue advocacy efforts such as tax-exemption status on municipal bonds; and work with elected officials to identify opportunities for new legislation that strengthens the communities we serve.

As director of finance for the Metropolitan St. Louis District, Gee oversees the preparation of the district's comprehensive annual financial report, monthly financial statements, statistical reports, and other financial documents for dissemination to the board of trustees, elected officials, bond rating agencies, and the public. He manages the development of the district's annual budget in compliance with its charter, ordinances, and policy requirements; and develops financial forecasts to ensure that district expenditures meet the legal and financial purpose of appropriations and obligations. Gee is responsible for the development of rates, taxes, and financial plans to ensure adequate revenues to fund district operations. As a member of the executive team, he prepares the district's strategic operating plan.

Gee has been on the Special Review Committee for GFOA's Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Awards Program since 2004 and was a member of the Ethics Taskforce (2018 to 2019). He advocated on behalf of GFOA members during GFOA's Committee Meetings in Washington, D.C., in 2018 and 2019, discussing key priorities with elected officials and federal agencies.

In addition, Gee has served on the boards of the Volunteers of America for the Kentucky/Tennessee chapter (chair, 2010 to 2011), United Way of Kentucky (chair, 2010 to 2011), and the Louisville Science Center (board and finance committee member, 2008 to 2011), Kentucky Minority Suppliers Development Council (former operating board member, 2004 to 2007), and he is a member of the American Water Works Association. Gee is a Certified Public Accountant.


Town Administrator, Town of Berlin, Maryland

GFOA Member 6 years

Committee Served

* Committee on Economic Development and Capital Planning (6 years; vice chair, 2016)

LAURA ALLEN believes that GFOA's TASK is to:

* Train--provide guidance through best practices, Government Finance Review articles, conference sessions, and web-based training. Our members need access to ongoing professional development in a way that supports transparency and a solid understanding of public finance concepts.

* Advocate--protect the interests of state and local governments at the federal level. Most of our members come from small communities that are juggling a number of competing priorities. GFOA needs to keep the broader perspective in mind and work to keep the federal government from limiting our ability to effectively serve the needs of our communities.

* Support--continue to provide technical assistance through the Research and Consulting Center. Work with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) to provide technical assistance to their membership, promote best practices, and reinforce the role of the finance officer in municipal operations and policy development.

* Keep Positive--identify the reasons to be optimistic in every situation. Our work is challenging. Strong leadership requires the ability to identify the positives in each situation and articulate the reasons to be hopeful.

As Town Administrator for the Town of Berlin, Maryland, Allen is responsible for administering town operations including electric, water, sewer, and stormwater utilities, with a budget of $19.4 million. Allen helped obtain the "America's Coolest Small Town" designation from Budget Travel magazine in 2014, leading to a 25 to 30 percent increase in tourism and retail sales. She restructured the town's approach to purchasing power for the electric utility in 2013, resulting in an 8 percent reduction in the cost of purchased power, effectively lowering electric bills for the entire community. Allen lead the process to acquire a 60-acre blighted industrial plant and develop it into multi-use public space. She also completed and implemented the town's first strategic plan; implemented a communitywide emergency notification system; and initiated the use of financial forecasting and budgetary planning tool.

Allen was a member of GFOA's Open Data Task Force; she represented GFOA on the Governmental Accounting Standards Board's Small Government Discussion Committee; and she has been a reviewer for the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award Program for the past 11 years. In 2012, when Allen worked for the Town of Colma, California, she helped the town obtain its first Distinguished Budget Presentation Award. Allen also participated in GFOA's financial sustainability pilot project; made a presentation on the Town of Berlin's participation in the project at the Leading Resilient Communities Conference in Charleston, South Carolina (2018); and made a presentation on the topic for GFOA during the American Society Public Administration Conference in Washington, D.C. (2019).

In addition, Allen is a member of the International City/ County Management Association (ICMA) (current chair of the Sustainable Communities Committee; current chair of the Legacy Fund; mentor in the Emerging Leaders Program; member of 2018 Annual Conference Host Committee, 100th Anniversary Committee, Government Affairs and Policy Committee, and Conference Evaluation Committee), Maryland GFOA (member since 2013), Maryland City/County Management Association (current board Secretary; representative on ICMA Coaching Program Advisory Board; representative on Maryland Municipal League's Conference Planning Committee), and ABAG Pooled Liability Assurance Network (chair, 2010). Allen traveled to the Philippines as part of the Young South East Asia Leadership Initiative, which was sponsored by ICMA and ICLEI in 2016. She is a Certified Public Finance Officer and an ICMA Credentialed Manager.


Chief Investment Officer, City of Albuquerque, New Mexico

GFOA Member: 13 years

Committee Served

* Committee on Treasury and Investment Management (since 2015)

CHRIS DANIEL believes that GFOA should: develop future government municipal finance professionals by encouraging young government employees and college students to pursue careers in municipal government finance; deliver value to GFOA members through committee resources and best practices, and by delivering in-demand training courses and educational sessions at the annual conference; and build integrity and ethics in the profession by creating a strong code of ethics and standards of professional conduct.

Daniel manages the City of Albuquerque's $700 million cash/investment portfolio and applies GFOA best practices in his roles as fiscal agent liaison, treasury accountant, investment manager, ERP program manager, and chief investment officer. He developed and implemented a strategic asset allocation approach to public funds management that resulted in more than $7 million in cumulative incremental value added since its inception in August 2014. As the city's ERP Program Manager (2010 to 2014), Daniel led the remediation and full implementation of its PeopleSoft ERP system. He also developed a capital project discernment methodology for ERP projects to estimate and validate (post-implementation) the net present value project benefits. Daniel has led numerous treasury management initiatives over the past 13 years to streamline processing and minimize banking, merchant services, custodial, and other fiscal agent fees for the city.

Daniel is a member of New Mexico GFOA, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Society New Mexico (immediate past president, secretary for four years, treasurer for four years), CFA Institute, New Mexico Society of CPAs, Sandoval County, New Mexico Investment Committee, City of Rio Rancho, New Mexico Investment Committee, Government Investment Officers Association (current president), American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Association for Finance Professionals, Stonehenge/Estates Homeowners Association (treasurer), and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church (Finance Council member, 2006 to 2015). He is a Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, and Certified Treasury Professional.


Public Finance Director, Indiana Finance Authority

Indianapolis, Indiana

GFOA Member: 20 years

Committees Served

* Committee on Economic Development and Capital Planning (3 years)

* Committee on Governmental Debt Management (9 years)

DAN HUGE's goal for GFOA is...

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