Get real.

Author:Dauenhauer, William
Position:WE HEAR YOU - Letter to the editor

I appreciated the bittersweet tenor of Will Durst's robust squib, "The Fake News President" (April/May issue). "Teflon Don" has repeatedly charged the mass media with proffering "fake news." So incessant have his fulsome charges been, some people might actually accept them as valid.

But the gentleman--and I use the term loosely--has himself been the more guilty of the transgression. He comes across as careless or indifferent as to validity of his rhetorical eruptions. Maybe it's better to wink than to wince at Donnie's childish Jabber-wocky? As Voltaire suggested, better to laugh than to weep.

--William Dauenhauer

Willowick, Ohio

Thank you for the article on "Fake News." I am ninety-two years old, and remember the time when the public could depend on news reports or...

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