Geneva Woods: focusing on patient-centered care.

Author:White, Rindi
Position:SPECIAL SECTION: Corporate 100--Corporate Spotlight - Company overview


Patient-centered care--that's the focus at Geneva Woods Pharmacy, and it's a focus that is leading the company into a new era of growth and expansion.

"The way we've approached this business is so different," says president Dan Afrasiabi.

While some pharmacies don't deliver, and others deliver only within a few miles of their physical location, Geneva Woods delivers, as Afrasiabi says, "to that last mile."

In Alaska, where the company was founded, and in central Montana, where the company recently expanded, delivering medication, medical equipment, and services to people's homes or small assisted living facilities is important. It might mean the difference between someone staying at home or in his or her community and having to move to a larger hub for medical treatment.

"As people have decided to retire and live their later years in the areas they have always lived, the care required [to stay] in those areas wasn't always available. In more remote markets, the population size generally could not support the level of sophisticated care required for such people," Afrasiabi says.

But because Geneva Woods provides an integrated model of care--everything from medical supplies such as walkers or a special hospital bed to medication in medsets (individually sealed dosage blister packs) and even treatment such as home infusions--the company is able to survive, and thrive, in smaller communities.

In talking about providing care to people in more rural areas, Afrasiabi spoke about the company's recent move to Helena, Montana. But that, he says, applies to rural Alaska, too--many communities have limited access to the types of pharmaceutical service found in larger communities like Anchorage, and that's something he hopes his company can change. The company added about twenty new employees last year in its Montana expansion efforts, but it added another thirty to expand and improve service within Alaska as well.

Founded on Patient-Centered Care

Founded in 1977 in an Anchorage subdivision of the same name, Geneva Woods Pharmacy aimed to provide quality pharmaceutical services to rural Alaskans. Over the years the company's focus has gone beyond bottling pills.

"We specialize in meeting a wide range of home healthcare needs, whether delivered at home or in assisted-living facilities and whether they are self-administered or provided by professionals, including our own. We provide comprehensive services for pharmacy [long-term care compliance...

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