Genesis Therapeutics has raised $4.1 million in seed funding led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) with Felicis Ventures as a major investor. Genesis aims to discover and develop innovative small molecule drug candidates for the treatment of patients with severe and debilitating disorders. The company also expects to strategically partner with pharmaceutical companies to bring select candidates to market.

Genesis Therapeutics originated in state-of-the-art AI technology from the renowned Pande Lab at Stanford, where Evan Feinberg -- principal founder, inventor, and CEO -- completed his Ph.D. Personal experience as a patient has rendered me acutely aware of the deficiencies in our present pharmacopeia, shares Dr. Feinberg. We spun Genesis out of Stanford so we could ambitiously expand our portfolio of cutting-edge AI technologies and recruit industry leaders in drug development to create the next generation of therapies for patients with severe medical conditions and unmet medical needs. By continuously innovating in deep learning and forming a tight feedback loop between our software engineers and proven drug developers, we can, with greater rapidity, discover more potent, selective, and bioavailable small molecule therapies."

Dr. Feinberg co-founded the company earlier this year with software engineering leader and startup veteran Ben Sklaroff, and the pair is joined by biopharma executive James Schaeffer, Ph.D. Biotech innovator Peppi Prasit, Ph.D. heads the Scientific Advisory Board. Leonard Bell, M.D., biotech pioneer, principal founder and former long- time CEO of Alexion Pharmaceuticals, serves as Chair of the company's Board of Directors. Drs. Bell and Prasit have collectively driven the discovery and development of eleven FDA-approved treatments.

With the seed funding, Genesis Therapeutics is expanding its cutting-edge AI-enabled drug discovery team with the active recruitment of software engineers, AI engineers and scientists as it focuses on specific drug programs addressing the treatment of patients suffering with severe disorders. Genesis is additionally exploring partnership opportunities to develop small molecule therapeutics across a range of disease categories.

Genesis Therapeutics originated out of the acclaimed Stanford University lab of Vijay Pande, Ph.D., where Dr. Feinberg invented PotentialNet, the initial component of the company's expanding portfolio of proprietary AI technologies. Working together, Drs. Feinberg and...

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