General session speaker charlie cook discusses the future of america's political landscape.

Author:Fitzpatrick, Joe
Position:General Session - American Correctional Association's 144th Congress of Correction - Conference notes

The General Session of the 144th Congress of Correction was held bright and early at 8:30 a.m., in the ballroom of the Salt Place Convention Center in Salt Lake City. As attendees digested their breakfasts, they awaited in eager anticipation for the presentation of one of the most respected journalists in the American political scene, Charlie Cook. In 1984, Cook founded The Cook Political Report as editor and publisher. In addition to The Cook Political Report, Cook is a weekly contributor to National Journal magazine and National Journal Daily, and he authors regular columns for The Washington Quarterly as well. Lauded for his political expertise in many other publications, Cook has been known for his regular appearances on ABC, CBS and NBC evening news programs, in addition to CNN, CBS and NBC news for every presidential election since 1994. A prolific speaker, Cook is able to provide accurate, nonpartisan information about the political landscape of America with concrete information and the facts to back it up.

As a man who has been praised so much for his knowledge and accomplishments, Cook showed his humility and appreciation for the members in attendance for everything they do in the prisons and jails to keep communities safe, even if what they do too often goes unrecognized. Cook explained that one of his primary reasons for becoming a political analyst was due to the fact that he was born and raised in Louisiana and that politics is "in their blood." He explained the significant impact of race on the national political landscape and how our country is becoming increasingly diverse. After looking at several polls and focus groups, Cook discussed the decrease of support for the Republican party from ethnic groups such as African Americans (87-point margin) and Latinos (44-point margin). Interestingly, Cook noted that the fastest growing ethnic group in support of Republicans is Asian Americans. "When I think of Asian Americans, I think of hardworking, entrepreneurial, capitalistic; their kids got better grades in school than my kids did, and they are typically more conservative on social and cultural issues. ... To me that sounds like a group that you think might vote Republican," Cook stated. Therefore, with the last election, Romney lost the Asian American vote by a 47-point margin, which was three points worse than his loss of the Latino vote. With the country changing so much, Cook predicts that these statistics will be a major...

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